Lion's Gate Portal 2022 (2023)

Before we dive into the blog, we just wanted to let you know about the Lion's Gate course we made! We are super proud of it and, as far as we know, it's the only one that exists. Check out a little bit about it here, or feel free to scroll by and get into the details on this portal ; )

Our Lion's Gate course is everything you could ever need to know about this portal, check it out here!

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The Lion's Gate portal is a powerful time when the sun is in Leo, and the brightest star in our sky, Sirius, rises on the eastern horizon and aligns with Orion's Belt. There is also the numerical significance of the number eight and it being 8/8. The number eight represents completion, perfection, and completeness. This is a super potent moment for spiritual growth!

The Lion's Gate Portal is a unique phenomenon that occurs once a year during the northern hemisphere's summer. It is often described as being like a tunnel or gateway through space and time, connecting us with ancient wisdom. For many, it represents a portal that connects us to our inner self, spirit guides, ancestors, the divine and spiritual realms. In addition to the spiritual benefits, there are practical applications for the Lion’s Gate such as increasing productivity, creative energy, abundance, and healing.

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Manifesting for the Lion's Gate Portal

Unless you're someone who is super dedicated to learning about manifestation, there are likely some pieces of the process you aren't getting exposed to. The parts that are less glamorous often don't make it to your Instagram feed in a way that's meaningful. Which is okay! Everything is planting a seed.

But if you've gotten a bit exhausted of the inundation around manifesting and can't seem to make much progress, keep reading.

Have you ever baked something from scratch? I mean, no cake or brownie mix, but you're actually measuring out each ingredient? Personally, I am not the *best* baker because I prefer some wiggle room.

But we can look at manifesting the same way we look at making our fav cookies. Every ingredient is needed!

So here's a starting recipe:

- dedication + consistency
- visualization + feeling state
- action
- clarity
- awareness
- conscious change
- letting go

And there's not a single "high vibe" in sight ; ) Make sure to snag our Lions Gate course so you can get all the specifics on each of these crucial pieces!

The Numerology Of 8/8

Eight is considered one of the luckiest numbers in numerology and is believed to bring good fortune. This day has a lot of auspicious energy because it falls on the eighth day of the 8th month.Visually, an 8 is also literally an infinity sign turned upright, which represents the infinite - an ebb and flow, the growth and contraction that is woven into life itself. The day 8/8 blends astrology and numerology together in a synergistic and interesting way adding another layer to this mystical portal. Being the eighth day of the month of August, combined with the number eight, it is the ultimate cosmic alignment

Lean into your inner Leo

Leo Season makes it easy to embody the cosmic energies of the lion. With the Sun in Leo, there are no boundaries, expansion is for YOU. You're free to express yourself without fear of judgment. So what does this mean for us? It means that now is the perfect time to embody the live-out-loud part of you. Claim your space. Say what you feel. Express yourself. Embody the leader within. Do all the self-care. Know your work.

This is the time to take charge of your life and launch yourself forward!

The Weaver card (left, our Lumen edition of the oracle deck) and the Manifest card (right, our rose gold edition of the oracle) both VERY MUCH channel Leo vibes!

Lion's Gate and Tarot

A couple rad things about tarot and Lion's Gate is that it all comes back to the Strength card!

The card for Leo is Strength. The 8th card of the deck is Strength.

So while this is a significant moment for anyone interested in astrology and metaphysical events, it is an amazing opportunity for those of us who work with Tarot.

Strength is saying: there is superhuman strength within you. There are parts of you that are so calm, so powerful, so unable to be touched by anything because they are that big and infinite. Tap into them!

Another big layer of this card is love. Because what calls out superhuman strength is not only fear, but love. And the fear of losing something we love even more so. And when we are fearful, we may be feeling defensive or triggered, but this card is calling us to lead with love. To rise to the occasion in a way that creates resolution, either within you or outside of you. To be courageous is to feel fear but to do it anyway, and the easiest way to create that courage is to find the purpose. The thing you love so much that you are willing to meet your fear with a new way of being.

This is very much Leo energy!!

Affirmations for Lions Gate Portal

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In this potent, celestial time for expansion, keep these affirmations on the tip of your tongue and on loop in your brain.

Choose 5-10 and write them down in a place you can see them, maybe even putting each one on a post-it and scattering them through your space! Repeat them as much as possible and watch how your mind shifts and your vibrational energy becomes more expansive!

It’s already mine
I'm the main character
I am beyond capable
My talents help me succeed
Success comes easy to me
I expand into myself with each passing moment
I am deserving
I am dedicated to my craft
I love learning about myself and the world around me
Everything is happening for me
My life is brimming with abundance
I embody the shining elements of the sun and leo
I move through challenges easily and successfully
I embrace my shortcomings and transmute them into opportunities
I find the mysteries of life exciting
Magic is always brewing
I am constantly shedding and evolving
I welcome change as it brings opportunities
I am the ultimate creator and architect of my life
I enjoy the fruits of my labor
I am blossoming and unfurling
I am fearless

New Moon in Leo

The Leo New Moon graces our night sky on July 28th when the Lions Gate Portal has been open for 2 days.

This is a super powerful moon that is perfect for manifesting and expanding, it happening in the portal adds an extra boost.

Up high in the palace of the sky, the Moon sits upon her celestial throne, queen of the night, adorned in a hundred stars and assured by the powerful rays of the Sun, who sits beside her. Guarded by lions, the radiant and mystical energy of this Leo New Moon is felt, as we connect with our talents and gifts which we find within the purity of our heart.

Lion-hearted Leo, filled with charisma and charm, passionately serves the love of the heart by expressing and experiencing that which makes him shine.

This Leo New Moon is a potent time for reflection on our heart energy. How is your creativity wanting to be expressed? What seeds within you are ready to flower outwards and be shared? What actions must you take to remain faithful to your heart and loyal to your authentic self?

This is a good time to use your energy wisely and direct it with dignity, away from gossip and drama, and towards channels of expressing your light. Definitely spend some time in nature to tap into your authentic self! The heart holds the keys to our embodied truth. Allow this Moon to unlock these doors as you return to the service of your heart’s throne.

Make sure to tune into our Leo New Moon blog with rituals this week as we do our best to give you all the details for each lunar cycle!

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